Launch Stages

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HiveMP Launch Stages

Launch stages

HiveMP offers a wide range of APIs, some of which are not yet stable for production use. The table below details the various launch stages that a service is available in, so that you know what APIs you can rely on in released products.

Launch stage Description
Early Access Early Access features are limited to a closed group of testers. In order to access these services you must first contact technical support to enable them on your account.
Alpha Alpha is the first public stage of access to a service. In this stage, APIs are still subject to change and are not stable. Service availability is not guaranteed for Alpha services.
Beta Beta services are preparing to enter General Availability. In this stage, API surface areas are mostly stable and can be used during the production stage of game development. Beta APIs should not be used in production applications or released games. Service availability is not guaranteed for Beta services.
General Availability (GA) Services that are generally available are accessible by all developers and are considered stable for production use. GA services are covered by SLAs.