HiveMP NAT Punchthrough

Directly connect players over the Internet for peer-to-peer or player hosted games.

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Peer to Peer Networking

Connect players directly to each other without dedicated game servers. With HiveMP NAT Punchthrough, players do not have to configure port forwarding on their routers.

Address Discovery

HiveMP NAT Punchthrough allows you to discover public IP address and forwarded port information for players so you can coordinate connections.

HiveMP NAT Punchthrough Features

Simple NAT punchthrough and address discovery.

Enable NAT Traversal

HiveMP NAT Punchthrough allows you to directly connect players in UDP-based games without requiring players to forward ports.

Free with Metered Sessions

HiveMP NAT Punchthrough is available for free when used with metered sessions.

HiveMP NAT Punchthrough Pricing

Low cost, pay-as-you-go pricing.

HiveMP NAT Punchthrough
ItemMetered Pricing Unmetered Pricing
NAT punchthrough requestsFree
To be announced

Notice: A session is either metered or unmetered when it is created, as specified in the authentication request. Metered sessions are billed per session-minute, but offer reduced or no-cost rates for other related HiveMP services. Unmetered sessions are billed per request, but do not come with reduced rates for other HiveMP services. Not all services are eligible for reduced metering rates; refer to the pricing table above.