User Sessions

Authenticate players on our global account system.

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User sessions are currently in Alpha. Temporary sessions are Generally Available.
Please report issues and submit feature requests via our support channels.

Global Accounts

HiveMP's account system is shared between all games. With full cross-platform support, HiveMP allows your players to keep their progress no matter where they play.

Automatic Sign-In

When players play a HiveMP-enabled game on Steam, or Discord, they're automatically signed into your game. Players spend less time setting up profiles, and can jump into your game faster when you use HiveMP.

Better Communication

Increase engagement and conversion by sending updates and news directly to your players via email. After players sign into your game for the first time, you can notify them of updates no matter where they play.

Two Factor Support

There's no need to spend time adding support for mobile authenticators when you use HiveMP. All player accounts support two-factor authentication from day one, increasing account security for your customers.