HiveMP Game Servers

Provision dedicated game servers on-demand.

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HiveMP Game Servers is currently in Alpha.
Please report issues and submit feature requests via our support channels.

Run Game Servers on Kubernetes

HiveMP Game Servers can provision game servers anywhere you can run a Kubernetes cluster. Use public cloud solutions such as Google Cloud and AWS, private cloud solutions or a mix of both.

Run Game Servers on Azure

HiveMP Game Servers can provision game servers on Azure Container Instances, allowing you to pay only for the duration that game servers run for instead of an hourly rate for virtual machines.

Docker Compatible

Wrap your game server in a Docker image, and we take care of the rest. HiveMP Game Servers can run any Docker image, from either private or public container registries.

On-Demand Provisioning

HiveMP Game Servers can be automatically provisioned on-demand, so you only pay for game servers when players are in-game.

HiveMP Game Servers Features

On-demand game servers for your multiplayer game.

Runs on Kubernetes

HiveMP Game Servers provisions game servers on Kubernetes clusters on the infrastructure of your choice. Dedicated game servers are automatically provisioned by HiveMP Game Servers to meet player demand.

Runs on Azure Container Instances

HiveMP Game Servers provisions game servers on Azure Container Instances in multiple regions around the world. Reduce your costs by paying only for the time that game servers run instead of an hourly rate for virtual machines.

Docker Compatible

HiveMP Game Servers runs Docker under the hood, so you can dynamically spin up any Docker container.

Versioned Rollouts

Game clients can request specific versions of game servers, ensuring smooth rollouts and no downtime as you release new versions of your game.

Secure Networking

Utilise HiveMP Game Servers alongside to ensure only authorised players can connect to your game server instances.

HiveMP Game Servers Pricing

HiveMP Game Servers
ItemMetered and Unmetered Pricing
Self-hosted game servers
Does not include costs billed by your server provider
$0.05 USD per 10,000 resource minutes

Notice: A session is either metered or unmetered when it is created, as specified in the authentication request. Metered sessions are billed per session-minute, but offer reduced or no-cost rates for other related HiveMP services. Unmetered sessions are billed per request, but do not come with reduced rates for other HiveMP services. Not all services are eligible for reduced metering rates; refer to the pricing table above.