HiveMP Revenue Share

Save time and lower costs by using HiveMP Revenue Share. Configure rulesets, enter invoices and payments, and HiveMP will automatically calculate the amounts for revenue share distribution.

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HiveMP Revenue Share is currently in Beta.
Please report issues and submit feature requests via our support channels.

Make Games, Not Spreadsheets

Save time with HiveMP Revenue Share. Once you've set up your rulesets, just enter your invoices and payments each month, and we'll tell you how much you owe recipients.

Revenue Sharing of any Complexity

HiveMP Revenue Share supports distribution of revenue for any complexity. Whether it's percentage based, fixed amounts or fractional based payments, HiveMP can calculate the revenue share distribution for your products.

True Multi-Currency

Our calculation system correctly supports multiple currencies in every part of the system. Invoice line items, recipient balances and payments all support multi-currency scenarios.

HiveMP Revenue Share Features

A single solution for all your revenue share calculations.

Save Time

HiveMP Revenue Share lets you set up your revenue share rules once and post invoices whenever payments come in. You can spend less time dealing with royalty payments and more time focused on your business.

Percentage, Fixed and Fractional Payments

You can specify percentage based, fixed amounts or fractional based royalty payments for revenue share rulesets.

From Invoice or Bank Transaction

Whether you distribute revenue share based on the amount invoiced from your third-party seller (accepting bank transfer costs) or distribute based on the amount that arrives in your bank account (passing on bank transfer costs), HiveMP will distribute the correct amounts to recipients. You can even configure this per rule, passing on costs only to a subset of recipients.

Calculate from Gross Revenue

HiveMP Revenue Share supports revenue share rules that involve payments made based on gross revenue earned. If you're an Unreal Engine 4 developer, you can use HiveMP Revenue Share to easily calculate your quarterly revenue payments.

Multi-Currency Support

HiveMP Revenue Share allows you to represent royalty payments in multiple currencies, including different currencies per line item and different currencies between invoices and payments.

Get Paid Faster

With Stripe integration, you can set up invoices and accept payment for them via credit card online. Once payment is made via Stripe, the payment is automatically posted in HiveMP and recipient balances updated.

HiveMP Revenue Share Pricing

Simple pricing for businesses of any size.

HiveMP Revenue Share
ItemMetered and Unmetered Pricing
Invoices posted$1.00 USD per invoice payment posted

Notice: A session is either metered or unmetered when it is created, as specified in the authentication request. Metered sessions are billed per session-minute, but offer reduced or no-cost rates for other related HiveMP services. Unmetered sessions are billed per request, but do not come with reduced rates for other HiveMP services. Not all services are eligible for reduced metering rates; refer to the pricing table above.