HiveMP Reporting

A flexible reporting solution to help you understand your data.

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Reporting Library

HiveMP Reporting provides you with an existing report library, so you can immediately gain insights from your data.

Ingest Sales and Traffic Data

Use HiveMP Integration to ingest sales and traffic data from sources such as Steam, then view daily conversion rates and traffic analysis.

BigQuery Access

HiveMP Reporting allows you to enable BigQuery Access for your data. Directly gain access to your data, perform SQL queries and export to other systems.

HiveMP Reporting Features

Analyse and export your data.

Built-in Reports

HiveMP Reporting provides an extensive set of built-in reports, so you don't need to build your own. Use our reporting library to analyse Steam sales, traffic and wishlisting data. Gain insights by viewing conversion rates and traffic sources.

Periodic Comparison

Time series reports in HiveMP Reporting allow you to perform periodic comparisons, allowing you to see how your data has changed over time.

BigQuery Access

With BigQuery access, you retain control of your data and can use or export it as you like. You can run analysis in external systems and build reporting dashboards in solutions like Google Data Studio.

HiveMP Reporting Pricing

Pay-as-you-go pricing for reporting.

HiveMP Reporting
ItemMetered and Unmetered Pricing
Built-in report runs
Measured as the number of times built-in reports are executed with non-cached results.
$0.01 USD per report run
Custom report data processed
Measured as the amount of data scanned to execute custom reports, as measured by BigQuery.
$0.0002 USD per 10 MB of data processed
BigQuery access
Measured as the total number of minutes each Google account has BigQuery access to reporting datasets.
$0.00045 USD per minute, per Google account

Notice: A session is either metered or unmetered when it is created, as specified in the authentication request. Metered sessions are billed per session-minute, but offer reduced or no-cost rates for other related HiveMP services. Unmetered sessions are billed per request, but do not come with reduced rates for other HiveMP services. Not all services are eligible for reduced metering rates; refer to the pricing table above.