HiveMP Event Tracking

Track and report on custom events in your game.

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Define Event Types

HiveMP Event Tracking gives you a structured event tracking solution. Define the schema of your events, with complete flexibility on the data stored.

View in BigQuery

Enable BigQuery Access and export your event tracking data to other analytics products.

HiveMP Event Tracking Features

Near real-time event tracking for your game or application.

Structured Events

HiveMP Event Tracking provides you with structured events, which allows you to perform complex relational queries on your data later.

Near Real-Time Streaming

Events in HiveMP Event Tracking are streamed into BigQuery, so you can access and query on reported events in near real-time.

Versioned Schemas

Event schemas are versioned, so if you need to change the structure of an event type for a new game update, events from existing releases of your game can still be ingested.

BigQuery Access

Use HiveMP Reporting's BigQuery Access feature and enable other reporting systems such as Google Data Studio to query your event data.

HiveMP Event Tracking Pricing

Pay-as-you-go event ingestion and storage.

HiveMP Event Tracking
ItemMetered and Unmetered Pricing
Events ingested$0.01 USD per 100 MB ingested (the size of each event is rounded up to the nearest KB)
Event storageTo be announced

Notice: A session is either metered or unmetered when it is created, as specified in the authentication request. Metered sessions are billed per session-minute, but offer reduced or no-cost rates for other related HiveMP services. Unmetered sessions are billed per request, but do not come with reduced rates for other HiveMP services. Not all services are eligible for reduced metering rates; refer to the pricing table above.