Competitive pay-as-you-go pricing.

Pay for what you use, not for capacity. Flexible pricing that enables you to scale to hundreds of thousands of users without worry.

Pricing for Multiplayer

With pricing per session-minute, HiveMP gives you predictable, scalable, pay-as-you-go pricing for multiplayer games.

Product Price
User & Temporary Sessions $0.02 USD per 1,000 session-minutes
NAT Punchthrough Free, included with sessions1
Custom Attributes Free, included with sessions1
Game Lobbies Free, included with sessions1
Matchmaking Free, included with sessions1
Event Tracking Free, included with sessions1
User Content Caching $0.03 USD per GB per month (charged by the minute)

1 These APIs can only be accessed with a user or temporary session API key.

Pricing Calculator for Multiplayer

Calculate your costs with our pricing calculator:

How long is the average play session for your game (in minutes)?


How often on average will players play your game?

times per month

How many players do you estimate you'll have?


Your estimated bill per month for multiplayer:

$ USD per month

Pricing for Finance

Save costs in managing complex revenue share distributions with Revenue Share. Streamline distribution of digital keys to customers at exhibitions with Point of Sale.

Product Price
Revenue Share $1.00 USD per invoice payment posted
Point of Sale $0.10 USD per point-of-sale transaction, plus payment processor fees
License Key Management $0.0012 USD per 1,000 stored persistent license keys per hour (charged by the minute)
$0.006 USD per 1,000 stored expiring license keys per hour (charged by the minute)

Pricing Calculator for Finance

Calculate your costs with our pricing calculator:

How many payments do you receive per month, that you then distribute via revenue share?

payments per month

How many Point of Sale transactions are you making at events?


How many persistent license keys do you want to store?

license keys

How many expiring license keys do you want to store?

license keys

Your estimated bill per month for financial tools:

$ USD per month

Pricing for Analytics

Gain insight into your Steam and retail data for free. Uncover details in your data with custom and periodic reports.

Feature Price
Data Capture1 Free
Built-in Reports $0.01 USD per report run
Custom Reports $0.0002 USD per 10 MB of data processed2
Periodic Reports Refer to built-in and custom report pricing, depending on periodic report type
BigQuery Access $0.00045 USD per minute per Google Account3

1 Includes periodic data capture for Steam and all supported digital / retail stores.
2 As measured by Google BigQuery when running reports.
3 Full, direct BigQuery access to all of your data, and all public datasets offered by HiveMP.

Pricing Calculator for Analytics

Calculate your costs with our pricing calculator:

How many built-in reports do you plan to view or run per month?

report runs

How much data do you plan on processing with custom reports?


How many accounts will have direct access to BigQuery?


Your estimated bill per month for analytics:

$ USD per month

Additional Information

The following additional information applies to billing.

All listed prices are in United States Dollars (USD).

If you are an Australian company or resident, GST of 10% will be added onto your invoice when you are billed.

Products in Beta or Alpha are subject to pricing changes before General Availability (see Launch Stages). Please provide feedback on pricing via our support channels.


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