Type: UserSession


A user session in a HiveMP project.


accountId Description Unique identifier of the account that owns this session.
Type string
billedMinutes Description The accumulated billed minutes that have been incurred for the presence of this session.
Type integer
expiry Description The UTC UNIX timestamp when this user session will expire. You can POST to the /session endpoint to extend the timeout.
Type integer
id Description Unique identifier representing the session. You can use this identifier when interacting with other Hive services.
Type string
metered Description Whether or not this session is a metered session.
Type boolean
profile Description The profile information of the account. This value may be null if the profile was not retrieved as part of the request, in which case you should use the accountId field to retrieve the profile information seperately if needed.
Type UserProfile
projectId Description The ID of the project this session exists in.
Type string
start Description The UTC UNIX timestamp when this user session was created.
Type integer