Type: OAuthFlowSessionStatus

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Represents the status of an OAuth flow session.


providerFriendlyName Description Once the OAuth flow session is in a status other than "none" or "error", this field will return the "friendly name" of the provider, as suitable for displaying to the user.
Type string
status Description

The status of an OAuth flow session. "none" indicates that the user hasn't completed an OAuth flow in this session yet, "error" indicates that the attempted OAuth flow failed but we weren't able to determine the platform that caused the error, while any other value indicates the platform the OAuth flow was completed for.

Once this is a value other than "none", check to see if there is a system error present in the "systemError" property. If there is, then you need to display this system error to the user in whatever manner is appropriate. If there is no error, then you can proceed to authenticate the user using the OAuth flow session token.

Type string
systemError Description The HiveMP error that occurred while processing the OAuth flow. This may be null.
Type HiveMPSystemError