Creating an Account

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To start using HiveMP, you'll need to create an account. Accounts can be registered through the online account portal or through the login screen inside games that use HiveMP.

Signing up as a Player

To sign up as a player, you can create an account through an in-game login screen, or the Account Portal.

To create an account with a password, type in your email address and click Sign in. You'll be prompted to set a password and create an account. Simply provide the password you want to use, and you'll be signed into the Account Portal or game with your new account.

If you want to create an account but sign in with another provider, open the Account Portal and click the name of the platform you want to sign in with (such as Steam or Discord). When you want to sign in next time, just click the provider name again.

Signing up as a Developer or Publisher

To sign up as a developer or publisher, open up the Admin Console. As part of the login process, you'll be redirect to the Account Portal where you can sign in with your existing account or create a new account.

Enter your desired email address and click Sign in, then provide or set a password when prompted. You can also choose to sign in with a provider such as Steam or Discord if you prefer, but we recommend that developer accounts use a password and enable 2FA for greater security.

Once you've signed in through the Account Portal, you'll be redirected back to the Admin Console where you can start using your new account.