Installing the HiveMP SDK for Unity

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Supported versions

We've tested the SDK on the following versions of Unity and support them:

  • Unity 5.4.1f
  • Unity 2017.1.1f1
  • Unity 2017.2.0f3
  • Unity 2017.3.0f3
  • Unity 2018.1.7f1

For more information on supported versions of Unity and the platforms the SDK operates on, refer to our Platform Roadmap.

Downloading the SDK

Download the latest release of the Unity SDK from the GitHub releases page.

For Unity, you have two ways to install the SDK: as a Unity package or as a ZIP archive. If you're using a version of Unity with a different package format, or you want to install or update the SDK automatically (such as part of an automated build job), you might need to use the ZIP archive version.

Installing from the Unity package

After you've downloaded the unitypackage file, open it with the Unity Editor. You'll be prompted to open the project you want to install it into by the Unity Editor launcher.

Once Unity has launched with your project, click Import in the Import Unity Package dialog that appears.

If you need to update the HiveMP SDK, simply repeat the process. Unity will indicate which files have changed in the update when you import the new package.

Installing from the ZIP archive

Extract the contents of the ZIP archive somewhere on disk. Then inside your Unity project, copy the extracted files to Assets\HiveMP.

Once you have installed the SDK, the file <yourproject>\Assets\HiveMP\HiveMP.cs should exist. If it doesn't, adjust where you've extracted the SDK files.

You can now open your project in Unity and start using the HiveMP SDK. If you need to update the HiveMP SDK, delete the HiveMP directory inside Assets and repeat the installation process with the new ZIP archive.