Installing the HiveMP SDK for Node.js & TypeScript

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Supported versions

We've tested the SDK on the following versions of Node.js & TypeScript and support them:

  • Node.js 6+
  • Modern Web Browsers

Our NPM package ships a JavaScript SDK for both Node.js and web browsers, with TypeScript type definitions provided. We strongly recommend the use of TypeScript in your project as it will allow you to identify and autocomplete available API methods.

For more information on supported versions of Node.js and the platforms the SDK operates on, refer to our Platform Roadmap.

Installing through NPM

You can install the latest version of the HiveMP SDK for Node.js & TypeScript through NPM. This also allows you to easily update to the latest version of the SDK when new releases are made available.

If you're using npm, run:

npm i hivemp

If you're using yarn, run:

yarn add hivemp