HiveMP Licensing Quickstart

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HiveMP Licensing provides a managed solution for storing and issuing license keys to customers. This quickstart guide will walk you through creating a license key pool and issuing a license key to yourself.

Create a license key pool

In order to store and issue license keys, you first need to create a license key pool in which to store them:

  1. Sign into the Admin Console.
  2. Click License Keys under the menu on the left-hand side.
  3. Click Create License Key Pool.
  4. Enter "Test License Pool" as the name and anything for the description.
  5. Click Create and Remain.

Add some test keys

With the license key pool created, we can now add some test keys. Under Insert Keys, enter the following block of text:


Then, click Add Keys and wait for the keys to be added to the pool. You should see "Available Keys: 3" in the Insert Keys area.

Reserve and issue a license key

To test that your new license key pool works, enter your email address under Reserve Key and then click Reserve Key.

Once this operation has completed, the license key that was reserved will appear and be pre-filled into the Issue Key area.

Under Issue Key and type "This is a test" into the Notes field. Then click Issue Key.

In a few minutes, you'll receive the license key in your email inbox.