Setting up Steam integration

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  1. Go to the Integrations page.
  2. Click the Configure button in the actions column next to Steam.
  3. Create a new Steam account dedicated to HiveMP.
  4. Enable Steam Guard on the dedicated HiveMP Steam account.
  5. Sign in to the Steam Partner portal and assign that account "View Financial Info" and "Edit App Marketing Data" permissions.
  6. Enter all details into the form.
  7. Click the Connect button to save your details.

Steam Integration form

Steam app ID: This can be found in the Steam Partner portal in brackets next to the title of the app.

Publisher Key: The Web API key of a group that has access to the selected app. This is found in the Steam Partner Portal under "Users and Permissions" -> "All Groups".

Publisher Username and Password: The username and password for the Steam account dedicated to HiveMP.

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